Zecchinon’s old wood finish is obtained from woods aged eighty to one hundred years, obtained from the external parts of old chalets and mountain huts. Worked with craftsmanship and passion, it lives again in modern times bringing a bit of history to the kitchens of our homes.


This particular type of finish is created by applying five different coats of paint with intermediate work required to create an almost real metallic effect. The finishes are available in either “METAL” or “OLD METAL” in different shades.
This material is identified by the term “veneer”, “tranché ” or “wood finish” a top layer of wood covers the structure of the doors, sides and all the elements that make up the unit. The finishes are subdivided into natural, painted and heat-treated wood.
They are made up of various layers of cellulose fibre material, impregnated with thermosetting resins and then subjected to the simultaneous combined action of pressure and heat applied in special presses for a determined period that can be varied according to the type of laminate. A variety of finishes can be applied to these materials that can be represented by simple matt or gloss colours or textured effects that look almost like real wood, stones, cement and oxides.
The development of printing techniques has enabled exceptional aesthetic results to be achieved; today’s sheets faithfully reproduce all natural woods, not only in design but even in the pore. In addition to “woods” it is possible to create different surface finishes, smoother or raw or even texturized; these effects are achieved by using printing plates that contain a negative image of the finish itself and transfer it onto the panel directly during pressing.