People at the centre of our designs and purposes: we are a strong tradition of craftsmanship that is reflected in each or our designs. The satisfied customers are the company true heritage and for this reason we aim for a entrepreneurial path based on the reliabilities of the persons.


A few years after the end of the war, Mr. Giovanni Zecchinon, with the confidence of a person who looks forward despite having lived terrible experiences, founded the Falegnameria Piave that later becomes Mobilificio Piave. Thanks to the technical experience gained in the past years as an emigrant in Germany, he specialised in the series production of furniture for kitchen.


With the inauguration of the new factory, which satisfied the most innovative productivity criteria of that time, the new brand “Zecchinon cucine componibili” was born and it was able to impose itself as synonym of advanced technology and accuracy of manufacture.


In 1975, with the death of his father, Mr. Lino succeeded in the company management and he constantly grew with young but equilibrated spirit. The company now covers an area of 16,000 sqm, 6,000 of which are indoor and equipped with high technology tools.


Not even the disastrous fire on July 20 1984 stopped the tenacity of Mr. Zecchinon, on the contrary: with the help of employees, customers and suppliers, the company not only immediately resumed the activity but it was further consolidated.


Since its foundation 40 years ago, the company is now present throughout Italy. Punctuality, precision and quick and safe service have always been fundamental characteristics of the company, that continues its commercial expansion thanks also to the continuous proposals of innovative kitchen models.

Years '90

Giovanni and Cinzia replaced their father and took over the company management in 1993. With them, the distribution expanded across the Italian borders and it became international thanks to a better organised network. New stores dedicated to the brand were opened: in 1995 the first one-brand shop was opened in France.


Zecchinon cucine entered the world of contract.

Years 2000

The company is now present worldwide: France, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Australia... these are only a few of the countries in which the company is present. The company structure is divided in three operative units that include a management centre, a company flagship and the production areas, for a total covered surface of about 20,000 sqm.


The company also obtained the ISO 9001 certification for quality management.


Zecchinon undertakes a renovation project with the aim of pursuing a new company philosophy through new marketing strategies. Mr. Giovanni Zecchinon and his staff, united by a strong understand and by the same enthusiasm for renewal, wanted with tenacity and determination a commitment to renewing, that lead to a new working path towards the restyling of existent models, the making of new products and the new way of communication and manufacturing, through an attractive coordinated image, a modern Zecchinon brand identity and, last but not least, the enlargement of the operating headquarters.