Our company has an international spirit with strong
roots in one territory, the Veneto territory, which was able
to treasure its values and traditions.


For over 70 years, a work culture as social value allowed us to combine the bond between our past cultures and the desire of progressing.

People at the centre of our designs and purposes: we are a strong tradition of craftsmanship that is reflected in each or our designs.

The satisfied customers are the company true heritage and for this reason we aim for a entrepreneurial path based on the reliabilities of the persons.


Our production is rigorously made in Italy and it is also “handmade”, because every kitchen we manufacture has its own history and bears the soul of the person who made it with passion and enthusiasm.

It could not be any different, because every piece
is repeatedly checked, verified and approved by the supervisors,
during all the manufacturing phases.


In addition to the personality of the person who chose it, every kitchen contains the experience,
quality, creativity, technology and, in one word,
Zecchinon philosophy.